• We do not only supply food packs to these NGO's
  • We all are joined with a common cause of keeping each NGO sustainable enough so that each one can continue to fulfill their goals and purposes through:
    • networking​
    • sharing resources and skills
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The White House Healing Centre

Our vision is to heal the broken souls, spiritually, physically and economically.

We aim to empower individuals to find work and start their own businesses.



Inner-City Ministry

Bringing the love of Christ to the heart of the City, a love that sets free, that brings healing and restores hope.

Reaching the Prisoners outside the Prison. Going out into a broken world full of lost and hopeless people and ministering the love of Jesus to them.

Restoring relationships with God and with other people, healing the sick and delivering the captives, changing cities forever by being His hands and feet.


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Operation Anti-Freeze is an Inner City Upliftment Project which began in October 2000.

We are a Non-Profit Organization, NPO 051 118, that reaches out to the underprivileged, men, women and children in Ekurhuleni.

We run School projects where we support 11 schools and 1 crèche by providing over 500 food parcels monthly to groups of children within these schools who have been identified by the teachers as coming from very poor households and that are in dire need of assistance.



Legae Community Childcare Centre

Legae Community Childcare Centre is a Section 21 company, established in 2007 to serve the needs of orphans and vulnerable children; especially those affected and/or infected by HIV/ AIDS. Legae is the Sotho word for “ our home”.We operate a pre-school and day care centre for up to 50 children between the ages of 3 & 6 and an Aftercare facility for 26 primary school children. Attendance at Legae is free of charge. 




John Wesley Community Centre

We support orphans and vulnerable children and their families infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, to enable them to reach their full potential and lead responsible adult lives.

The John Wesley Community Centre (JWCC) is a registered Non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation in Etwatwa and is an ideal venue from which to serve the escalating needs of the community.


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Kids Haven

Kids Haven was founded in 1992 by Moida Simpson as a response to the increasing number of children on the streets of Benoni and Ekurhuleni and the violent deaths of two street children.

It is a home for many street children that do not have a home.



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Sexual Assault Clinic

Healing through compassion. 

We offer children and their families counselling, medical & legal services.

 Our referral partners consist of

Social Services, Private Social Workers, Forensic Social Workers, Psychologists, Registered Counsellors.


Home-Start SA

Home-Start South Africa is an organisation that assists families in need.

We will support any family who needs us; the only condition is that they have at least one child under school age.

Home-Start South Africa has been supporting families in Benoni and Daveyton since 2011.

We believe that every child deserves the best start in life.




Feed the Children

The Vision, goal and activities of Project Feed the Children regarding the care of orphaned and vulnerable children in our communities, is also in keeping with the vision of the National Action Plan for Orphans and Other Children.